Friday, February 14, 2014

Black & White Wedding Favors

This Black and White Wedding Favor is wild and wonderful.

French Milled Guest Soaps are wrapped in a zebra print tissue paper embraced with silver cording. A cloud of fluffy black and white Marabou feathers explode over silver sparkling flowers.

So fabulous and fun.  The Black Tie Poof Table Decor Favor will add joy and zest especially to a Safari theme event.

Available in other color combinations through Luxurious Wedding Accessories.

Paris Theme Wedding Favors

These Paris theme Wedding Favors will delight your guests and add drama to your table decor. The color combination of your choice may be available, please inquire.

 The Jewel & Crown Parisienne Luxurious Wedding Favor in Black and White is an aromatic French Milled Guest Soap that has a French countryside design on the tissue paper. Hand tied with black satin cording and lavishly adorned with fluffy white Marabou feathers, a black, hand curled feather and a glass gemstone.

Available through Luxurious Wedding Accessories.

Orchid Purple Lavender Wedding Favors

The Orchid, Purple and Lavender Wedding Favors are designed as table decor to make your place settings pop with color. So pretty and perfect for the bride who is addicted to everything Purple. Use them as place cards too. Available through Luxurious Wedding Accessories.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Luxurious Wedding Cake Toppers

Your wedding cake should have sparkle and shine and these Swarovski Crystal Wedding Cake Toppers make a strong and sensational statement.

The cutting of your wedding cake is a mega photo opt and these Wedding Cake Toppers will give any wedding cake design a major wow factor. Fondant frosting is fabulous and Buttercream frosting is beautiful but the added sparkle of these Swarovski crystal wedding cake toppers will take your wedding cake over the top in a good way.

These Wedding Cake Toppers have crystals on both the front and the back.
Luxurious Wedding Recommends... using a different color stone on the back of the wedding cake topper.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Custom Wedding Favor Tags

These charming wedding favor tags by our Luxurious Wedding Calligraphy Designers were used by the bride and groom on crystal wedding favor jars which decorated each place setting. Proclaiming that 'Love Is Sweet', the name of the couple was inscribed and accented with a swarovski crystal and lovingly attached it with a matching Midori ribbon. Visit our Luxurious Wedding Calligraphers for more creative wedding calligraphy ideas including beautiful direction maps and welcome tote bags for your guests.

Luxurious Wedding Recommends... that you ask a Luxurious Wedding Calligrapher to design a wedding favor tag, menu card, cake table card, etc. personalized for your wedding.